LS-1 卤钨灯光源
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The LS-1 Tungsten Halogen Light Source is a versatile white-light source optimized for the VIS-NIR (360-2500 nm). The lamp offers high color temperature, highly efficient output and long life in a compact, economical package. The LS-1 is available with a 900-hour, 3100 K bulb or a 10,000-hour, 2800 K bulb. The LS-1 features an SMA 905 Connector for easy coupling to Ocean Optics fiber optic spectrometers and accessories, including optical fibers, cuvette holders and probes LS-1 Features VIS-NIR spectral range (360-2000 nm). Useful for chemical analysis, reflectivity of solid objects and color measurement High color temperature, efficient output Available with color-correcting and signal-attenuating accessories for user-controlled manipulation of light source output. 900-hour or 10,000-hour bulbs Included with the LS-1 are a 1/2" OD BG-34 filter for color correction and Teflon diffusing disks for attenuation of light source output. The LS-1 comes with a 12 VDC power supply (a European power supply is also available) and a power cord. 该光源需要与FIAlab流动注射分析仪配套购买,不单独销售!

LS-1 and LS-1-LL Spectral Output

User's Tips:

  • The LS-1 bulb is housed in a glass envelope that cuts off light <360 nm. The LS-1 should not be used for applications where illumination <360 nm is required.

  • The raw data (or scope mode) referred to in the graph above is the raw voltage coming out of the A/D converter, which is part of the spectrometer system.

  • Though the LS-1 emits energy to 2.5 µm, its use with Ocean Optics spectrometers is limited by the spectrometer's detector response, which cuts off at ~1100 nm.

LS-1 Specifications

Spectral range:

360-2500 nm


9.0 cm x 5.0 cm x 3.2 cm; 3.5" x 2.0" x 1.25"

Power input:

12 VDC/800 mA; 7-20 VDC/0.4-2 amps

Power output:

6.5 watts

Bulb life:

900 hours (standard); 10,000 hours (long-life)

Bulb color temperature:

3100 K (900-hour bulb); 2800 K (10,000-hour bulb)

Output to bulb:

5 volts/1.3 amps

Output regulation:

0.2% voltage

Time to stabilized output:

~20 minutes


decay rate is ~0.1%/hour of the output power

Bulb output:

7400 foot-candles (7.4MSCP)

Internal filter accessory:

BG-34 conversion filter

External filter slot:

accepts filters up to 3 mm thickness

Spectral attenuation:

50%, 75% and 99% with PTFE disk accessories


SMA 905

* If used with an Ocean Optics spectrometer, the LS-1's practical spectral range is limited to the spectral response of the detector -- for the USB2000, approximately 1100 nm (1.1 µm).